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What Does First-Time Taker mean? 1 Bar Exam
WTF happened to this board? 0 Bar Exam
whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! whore 3 Community
Ban IP Address of Trolls! 3 Community
Why do they bother with bar stats if they don't give the REAL stats? (pass rates by race, gender, age, family status, etc?) 3 Community
CBX Story (Part 2) 5 Community
CBX Story (Part 1) 20 Community
MBEsux: Get a Life 6 Bar Exam
How fucking pathetic are the michigan bar examiners? 1 Bar Exam
Plans for if you pass/fail 0 Bar Exam
If you told a client that you "had no idea when you'd give results" but expected to get paid upfront THEY WOULD FIRE YOU AND YOU WOULD GET SUED AND LOSE YOUR LICENSE FOR BEING UNFIT TO PRACTICE LAW!!!!!!!!!! 0 Community
Anonymous CBX Online Study Group Until 5/16 1 Bar Exam
Emergency question about application 4 Bar Exam
My Sad-Sad plans for 12:01am 9 Bar Exam
Any odds of getting results released on a weekend/holiday? 0 Bar Exam
Why can't I see my avatar? 0 Community
Trying to enjoy Easter while waiting for bar results 4 Bar Exam
Anyone here try MultiState Edge? 0 Community
Anyone here try MultiState Edge? 0 Community
Anyone here try MultiState Edge? 0 Community
Free Room, Board, and $150 a month! 0 Community
Man of the Year 0 Bar Exam
Connecticut Materials Wanted 0 Bar Exam
How I feel when I read " I passed " posts by people while still waiting for my results to be released......... 0 Community
Michigan Feb2014 Results 0 Bar Exam
I passed the UBE (WA) 0 Bar Exam
Passed in MN with a 310!! 0 Bar Exam
I Passed Iowa 0 Bar Exam
NY bar countdown - 2 weeks 7 Bar Exam
Study partners/NY Bar/July 0 Bar Exam
Tennessee Feb 2014 essays and statistics 1 Bar Exam
Bar Prep in School 0 Law School
When are you planning to start studying for the July Bar 4 Bar Exam
Any other Feb TX examinees get the e-mail to participate in pilot project? 13 Bar Exam
Is the MBE portion of the bar exam scaled at NCBX, or does each state scale it on their own seperate curve? 2 Bar Exam
Does Michigan curve their essays anymore? 4 Bar Exam
WTF Bar Examiners? 8 Bar Exam
Salary for new CA attorney? 5 Attorneys
Just passed the bar! 2 Bar Exam
Anyone use Bar Secrets ? 1 Bar Exam
Need a job? I bet these guys would take you. 0 Attorneys
For Purchase: MA Bar Prep Materials 0 Bar Exam
Hiring people that Failed 3 Bar Exam
The effect of the curve on the essay portion of the bar exam 1 Bar Exam
What am I doing wrong? 13 Bar Exam
Anyone considering getting an LLM? 0 Law School
mbe scale 6 Bar Exam
Bar Review Classes 1 Bar Exam
Guessing randomly on the multiple choice 1 Bar Exam
It could always be worse 0 Community
Statsky's Torts book (Awesome) 2 Bar Exam
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