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Sub:Taking the CA Bar Exam in Ontario
Law Student Avatar Author: Ontario2012 [21813]
02/22/2012 4:55 PM
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Has anyone taken the California bar exam in Ontario before?

I'm hoping someone can give me the run-through of what the days are like. What time did you get there, what was the wait like, what were the testing site accommodations, do you wish you would have done anything differently?

Thanks! I'm trying to form an idea of what to expect so that I don't walk in open mouthed and lost like I did for the LSAT.

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Law Student Avatar Author: InSovietOntarioExamTakesYou [21813]
02/22/2012 5:10 PM
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If you are typing the exam, you will be put in a room the size of a large airplane hangar with rows upon rows of tables. I recommend bringing ear plugs as the sounds of hundreds of people typing away on their computer sounds like hard rain. The room also can be drafty, so bring a sweater. Ontario is kinda a black hole when it comes to surroundings. Their are a lot of chain restaurants near the the convention center and not much more. Hopefully you are staying somewhere within walking distance of the center as I believe parking is a ripoff. I would recommend checking out the testing site the day before the exam. If I remember correctly, you also may check in the day before and see where you will be assigned to take the exam and there are some proctors that will answer logistical questions. Also, I believe there is a train that you can hear passing around 2:00PM each day. Other than that, I remember there being water coolers set up in the lobby outside of the testing room and that people who sat near the restroom being distracted by noise, people walking by, and the smell... My biggest fear is being one of those people. I am hoping for a spot more towards the back and on the aisle. Good luck!

Law Student Avatar Author: bethy007 [21813]
02/22/2012 6:47 PM
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Yeah I was one of those people that sat by the bathroom - it was horrible.

Also, the chairs squeak like crazy anytime someone shifts their weight or moves closer to the table. Earplugs are a necessity.

Let's see...what else... parking is like $15 a day, so if you aren't in walking distance, bring $$ with you when you drive there - I didn't even think they would charge for parking and so I was super surprised when I got there and was charged $15 a day. Ugh.

Good luck. :) We can do it!

Law Student Avatar Author: MAE [21813]
02/22/2012 10:08 PM
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Yeah, I think the biggest thing is to bring serious ear plugs. The sound of hundreds of chairs scraping against the floor could make you crazy. I think I used Hear-os brand, which were blue. They worked great, and I definitely recommend them.

Other than that, bring money for parking or walk there. The restaurants close to the center fill up quickly at lunch, but they give you enough time that it probably shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck!

Law Student Avatar Author: Sua Sponte [21813]
03/29/2012 12:21 AM
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I recommend you stay at a nearby hotel that offers free breakfast.  I brought all my food so I did not have to worry about waiting in line for food. 

You need to arrive about 30 before to set up your computer and get situated.  I don't have many complaints about Ontario.  The restrooms are easily accessible, although you don't want to be sitting in front of one... 

Remember, if you have an issue with the people coughing, sneezing or being annoying, just tell the proctors.  I was moved right away because the guy next to me was coughing like crazy.  I just went to the proctor and asked to be moved.  The proctor did not give me any trouble, she just helped me move my stuff to another area.   

Law Student Avatar Author: Lance [21813]
03/29/2012 5:01 PM
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The person who posted second described it VERY well.  Not really much to add, other than I sat near the bathroom, and some big slob must've dropped a load the size of a newborn because all i could smell was the aroma of 200000 diapers.  I wonder what he ate, jeeesh

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