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Posted on 1/29/2012
Company: Kaplan PMBR
Title: New York Bar Exam Books
Price: $650.00
Mode of Delivery: Pick up
Shipping Fee: $0.00
Payment Mode: Cash on Delivery
City: Toronto
Condition: Practically brand new. Marks only in lecture books and NY Bar Notes.
Description: Complete set of New York Bar 2011 exam books & Audio Mp3 set by Kaplan PMBR. Practically brand new condition -- mostly unmarked. Price: $650 or best offer. Pick up in Toronto only. I'm throwing in LLM Fundamentals Outline Book and LLM Fundamentals Lecture Materials & Homework -- both books are geared for those who did not go to law school in the US. I passed on the first try using these books!

Multistate Subjects I & II -- Outline Materials (No Marks)
Multistate Performance Test Work Book (No Marks)
New York Subjects I & II -- Outline Materials (No Marks)
New York Bar Notes -- Lecture Materials
New York Bar Notes -- Subject Memorization & Review (~Mini Conviser- the key to passing!)
Multistate Work book (No Marks) -- i.e. the Red book
New York Essays & Multiple Choice Qs (No Marks)
Mid-Term Practice MBE Exam Qs&As (No Marks)
New York Practice Exam Qs&As (No Marks)
Additional MBE Practice Exam (No Marks)
MBE Foundation Course Workbook
Audio MP3 Set

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