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Posted on 6/11/2009
Company: BRAND NEW for $399 Complete set of PIEPER BAR REVIEW BOOKS Sixteenth Edition 2008-2009
Title: BRAND NEW for $399 Complete set of PIEPER BAR REVIEW BOOKS Sixteenth Edition 2008-2009
Price: $399.00
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State: New York
Condition: Brand New
Description: BRAND NEW for $399 Complete set of PIEPER BAR REVIEW BOOKS Sixteenth Edition 2008-2009 The entire set originally costs $2,900 The set consists of the following BOOKS: 1. NY Law Outlines a. Comprehensive Coverage of NY Substantive Law b. Side-by-Side Distinctions between NY & MBE Law c. Exam Tips from the Foremost NYS Bar Exam Experts d. Illustrative Examples Utilizing NY Cases and Bar Exam Fact Patterns 2. NY Exam Book a. Hundreds of Simulated NYS Bar Exam Questions & Essays b. Over 100 Actual NYS Bar Exam Essays & Over 200 Answers c. Comprehensive Analytical Answers d. Simulated NYS Bar Exams for Final Review 3. Multistate Law Outlines a. Comprehensive Coverage of Six Multistate Subjects b. Side-by-Side Coverage of MBE and NY Law c. Illustrative Examples & Exam Tips from the MBE Experts 4. Multistate Exam Book a. Over One Thousand Multiple Choice Questions b. Over One Hundred Questions in each MBE Subject c. Comprehensive Analytical Answers d. Pieper Pointers for Approaching the MBE e. Complete Simulated MBE Exams for Final Review 5. NY Appellate Alert Book a. Over One Thousand NY Appellate Case Digests b. Quick Reference Material for After Class Review c. Critical NY Appellate Cases Organized by Bar Exam Topic d. Unique & Invaluable Insight into NYS Exam Essay Possibilities. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I accept PAYPAL only. I will ship immediately after payment is cleared.

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