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Texas MPT and P&E
Last Post 02/25/2012 6:21 PM by Texas repeater
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02/25/2012 4:17 PM
Author: txtaker [21813]
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How many of these have you looked at? Is it too late for me to practice them? I just find it kind of hardy to study for the MPT, and P&E is so brand new to me and hard to memorize all those rules. Should I practice them or just focus on memorizing the answers since they are said to be repetitive.


02/25/2012 6:21 PM
Author: Texas repeater [21813]
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I would recommend practicing P & E by doing practice exams. It is much easier to learn and remember the rules in context rather than just trying to memorize rules that you aren't familiar with. I did not go to law school in TX either so I can feel your pain. I've done roughly 4-5 past exams in full and plan to do at least one more before exam day. The first two I looked if I didn't remember/know the rule and now I try to force myself to come up with something to write down. You can print exact copies of old exams, complete w/ the 5 lines you will be required to write on, from the TXBLE website. Good luck!


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