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Charlotte School of Law and Alternative Facts
Last Post 02/07/2017 11:13 AM by CLT Beat Reporter
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02/07/2017 11:13 AM
Author: CLT Beat Reporter [21813]
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Consistent with the current trend of presenting Alternative Facts, today's letter from the Charlotte School of Law Alumni Association includes numerous twists of "truths." Interestingly, even the introduction to the letter by the site Above the Law is misleading. Below are links to the piece by ATL and to the letter, followed by quotes of their respective misrepresentations, each of which is followed by a corrective statement of actual fact.

Above The Law:

Quote: "The ongoing trainwreck at Charlotte School of Law has not escaped the notice of the school’s alumni, who are watching the value of their degrees diminished..."

Fact: The value of their degrees cannot be diminished any further. It's been at 0 for years. Unless ATL believes that a degree can have negative value, diminution is impossible.
Charlotte School of Law Alumni Association letter (posted on ATL):

Quote: "...we request that you commence an orderly transition of your positions immediately to minimize further adverse impact to the students, faculty, and Alumni."

Fact: The adverse impact cannot be minimized. The students, faculty, and [a]lumni have been damaged beyond repair.

Quote: "In the absence of your resignations, CSL's reputation and thereby the reputations of its students, faculty, and alumni will suffer irreparable harm."

Fact: The reputations of CSL, its students, faculty, and alumni have already suffered irreparable harm. The resignations of the dean and president will make no difference to these reputations, which are irreversibly tarnished.

Quote: "The Alumni Association trusts you will give thoughtful consideration of our demands and act promptly to resign from your positions to allow the Administration and the InfiLaw System to recommit themselves to the founding principles on which CSL was established.”

Fact: This quote implies that CSL was established on principles other than profit. It wasn't.

Quote: “The Alumni have no shortage of talent, drive, ability, and willingness to support and assist each other in their endeavors, both personal and professional.”

Fact: Aside perhaps from willingness, CSL alumni indeed have a shortage of talent, drive, and ability. If they had any of these, they wouldn't be at CSL.

Quote: “Highlighting the successes and accomplishments of the Alumni is also an easily achievable goal.”

Fact: Highlighting the successes and accomplishments of the Alumni is a difficult task. Showcasing a few success stories when the vast majority of alums have amounted to nearly nothing is disingenuous and misleading.

Quote: “The Alumni Association's demands should be followed in an orderly manner to minimize further adverse impacts to the students, faculty, and Alumni.”

Fact: Nothing can be done to minimize further adverse impacts to the students, faculty, and Alumni. Their tragic fates are inevitable.


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