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tutor long beach and los angeles.
Last Post 06/21/2017 4:03 PM by lawschooltutor17
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06/21/2017 4:03 PM
Author: lawschooltutor17 [21813]
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If youre a one or two L I know youre extremely stressed and are being shadowed by a cloud of uncertainty. I felt that way in my first two years and bought everything available. Looking back I realize all I really needed was someone who has passed the bar to look at my writing and knowledge of the substantive law, and provide guidance to get me threw those years. If you need a tutor I can help, I have written hundreds of essays and PT's, and know what professors and bar examiners are looking for. It took a lot of blood and treasure to get here, but im a valuable resource for your law school experience. My fee is reasonable and flexible. Please let me know if would like some help. Thank you.


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