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Try this Bar Review course!-the best thing that ever happened for me!
Last Post 03/09/2009 9:20 AM by CTLLM
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03/09/2009 9:20 AM
Author: CTLLM [5]
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I need to share the best thing that ever happened to me as an LLM especially after some unsuccessful attempts at the bar exam. The bar exam is scary , no matter who you are, and as an LLM I thought it was an ocean to swim.

I met a law professor- Rich Litvin(litbartut@aol.com), (recently retired) from Quinnipiac Law School who had started a review course some 30 years ago and since then it just grew from 1 student to many.

What I enjoyed most, was the personal attention you get -24/7(call/email and or meet him in person). I live in CT, and his office is also in CT(Hamden). Classes are on Sundays usually, for the working people, this is very convenient. This doesn't mean that Prof.Litvin teaches only those who come to his classes or are taking the CT bar. He has coached students who have have taken other state bars. If you are out of state, he works with you via email, phone and sends you class tapes.

His MBE classes, are very vigorous and you will learn! He handles the state portions differently than Barbri(as I had taken that earlier and didnt pass). But Prof.Litvin's method and materials are so well put together that it makes the bar exam not just a reality but a huge possibility! Also, he does individual essay reviews- yes!!....he meets with students one at a time, and makes you practice essays(real bar released essays) and he revises it and you redraft the essay and end up learning a lot.Also, helps break the monotony of passive reading of notes/text. He is available to work on essay sessions anyday usually and upto once a week or sometimes even twice!! All for a resonable and comparable price, just as other bar courses.

I hope anyone looking to take any bar exam in the US, do consider talking/meeting with him, while you are shopping around for a course.It will be a call you will not regret and will be glad you made it. The one huge advantage he has over any other bar exam review courses, is the timing, he starts very early in time, so by the time other courses start, you are way ahead of the game. I believe he starts prep.for the July 2009 bar, this month (21/22) March 2009! This is definitely worth it and will make you very confortable and confident by May/June.

Thank you.