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12 Replies and 21210 Views EVIDENCE MNEMONICS  21210  12 Started by  Anonymous PLEASE ADD..
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01/16/2016 10:42 AM
11 Replies and 8053 Views CON LAW MNEMONICS  8053  11 Started by  Anonymous Please add.
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02/04/2013 3:30 PM
14 Replies and 5212 Views CRIM PRO/CRIM LAW MNEMONICS  5212  14 Started by  Anonymous Please add..
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06/26/2012 10:15 PM
0 Replies and 1205 Views Remedies Mnemonics  1205  0 Started by  gavin Compensatory Damages -  F at  C hicks  M ust  D iet Foreseability Certainty- damages can’t be to speculative Mitigation Defenses Specific ...
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12/12/2011 3:39 PM
2 Replies and 1557 Views Mnemonics for Texas Bar Exam  1557  2 Started by  Anonymous Crime CHAVS - Caught red handed, Hey after that guy, Ahh stop attacking me, Violation of restraining order, Stickin around the mall parking lot when you should be gettin home on a schoool night you punk kid. NOOS3 - Name of offender, Offense, in an Order that is Signed and dated by a Magistrate (turn 90) A PALACE- Arrest , Plain view, Automobile, Lesser intrusion (pat down), Administrative search impounded vehicle), Consent, Emergency ConLaw Mnemonics SEX Lemon- a law must ha...
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11/29/2011 8:08 AM
2 Replies and 2716 Views MBE TIPS  2716  2 Started by  Anonymous Difficulty of Questions The 200 questions on this examination have been classified into three categories, Easy Medium and Hard. The criteria for these classifications is as follows. Easy questions have three characteristics: I A basic principle of substantive law, or a principle which has been frequently tested on previous multistate exams and which should be familiar to an applicant who has studied questions released by the examiners, is tested in the question. II The fact ...
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11/05/2011 9:49 AM
12 Replies and 5235 Views TORTS MNEMONICS  5235  12 Started by  Anonymous Please add..
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02/18/2011 1:20 PM
5 Replies and 2225 Views COMMERCIAL PAPER  2225  5 Started by  Anonymous Commercial Paper (Priority): Big Poppa Loves Naked Ass Groupies BIOC - Buyer in Ordinary Course PAC - Perfected Attached Creditor LC - Lien Creditor NOCie - Not in Ordinary Course AUPie - Attached Unperfected Creditor (if you don't perfect you're an 'ass') GUC - General Unsecured Creditor
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07/23/2010 9:01 PM
18 Replies and 5362 Views CONTRACTS MNEMONICS  5362  18 Started by  Anonymous PLEASE ADD..
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06/19/2010 12:21 PM
7 Replies and 2892 Views CORPORATIONS MNEMONICS  2892  7 Started by  Anonymous PLEASE ADD..
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07/23/2009 2:38 PM
6 Replies and 3046 Views CIVIL PROCEDURE MNEMONICS  3046  6 Started by  Anonymous PLEASE ADD..
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07/21/2009 8:38 PM
3 Replies and 1349 Views FAMILY LAW  1349  3 Started by  Anonymous Hopefully these help someone: Types of alimony: PLIeRs Pendant Lite Indefinite Rehabilitative
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07/21/2009 12:19 PM
9 Replies and 2863 Views TRUSTS MNEMONICS  2863  9 Started by  Anonymous PLEASE ADD..
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07/06/2009 1:57 AM
1 Replies and 2685 Views Mnemonic Techniques and Specific Memory Tricks  2685  1 Started by  Anonymous More here Mnemonic techniques are more specific memory aids. Many are based on the general memory strategies that were presented earlier. Although it can be easiest to remember those things that you understand well, sometimes you must rely on rote memory. The following techniques can be used to facilitate such memorization. 1. ACRONYMS. You form acronyms by using each first letter from a group of words to form a new word. This is...
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07/06/2009 12:37 AM
4 Replies and 2798 Views WILLS MNEMONICS  2798  4 Started by  Anonymous PLEASE ADD..
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03/13/2009 3:45 AM
1 Replies and 1529 Views COMMUNITY PROPERTY MNEMONICS  1529  1 Started by  Anonymous SPAAD S=Source P=Presumptions A=Alterations A=Analysis D=Distribution
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01/14/2009 9:18 PM
6 Replies and 3540 Views PROPERTY MNEMONICS  3540  6 Started by  Anonymous Please add if you have any property Mnemonics.
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01/14/2009 9:02 PM
0 Replies and 2161 Views PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY MNEMONICS  2161  0 Started by  Anonymous Essay: Clients Love Fierce Counsel; Court Feel Differently Confidentiality Loyalty Fiduciary responsbilities/Financial Integrity Competence Candor to Court/truthfullness/honesty Fairness to opposing counsel/parties Dignity to the profession or 5C STUDS Communicate Competency Confidentiality Conflict of Interest Candid Safeguard Termination Unreasonable Fees Diligenc...
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02/15/2008 2:20 PM
8 Replies and 4814 Views Mnemonics hijacked from Jdjive  4814  8 Started by  All4JDS For adverse possession O pen C ontinuous E xclusive A ctual N otorioius For Contracts Questions: Until Fall, Test Pressure, Exhaustion, Both Threaten Romance U: UCC or CL F: Formation T: Terms of K P: Performance E: Excuses B: Breach T: Third Party Issues R: Remedies Lemon test = Lemon pie. secular Purpose=P advance or Inhibit=I Entanglement=e. 'fairway drivers putt for par-coffee drinkers pass the bar' ...
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11/08/2007 3:47 PM