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Texas Essays Checklists/Short Outlines
Last Post 01/25/2014 2:18 PM by mjbank87
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01/25/2014 2:18 PM
Author: mjbank87 [7]
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Seeking any advice or help on managing the Texas Essays section of the bar exam.

I have outlines that I've made from going over Barbri lectures. I am struggling because as you all know there's so much information it's nearly impossible to remember everything. Memorizing 14 in-depth outlines is just getting out of control.

I have never been good at cutting the fat out of outlines and I think I'm placing myself at a disadvantage by not memorizing something more concise.

If anyone has advice or short outlines/checklists Id really appreciate it.

My email is


Oh, I've almost decided to say screw it and just focus on doing all the past essay questions I can and do brief outlines of the answers. Wondering if this was successful for anyone else?


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