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Paralegals with LESS experience making (much) MORE money......
Last Post 01/29/2017 9:42 AM by the myth of your own shingle
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01/28/2017 11:43 AM
Author: FML [21813]
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I cruise CL jobs ads a lot and see the ads looking for even unlicensed JDs to do basic doc review for $20 an hour, and 10 plus years experienced ones to supervise for around $25 (most often contract pay, meaning no OT, higher taxes, and NOT eligible for unemployment once laid off-as ALL these jobs do)

Now, I see in the same legal jobs section, a Manpower Job for a Paralegal... 3 years experience....$40 an hour WITH the ability for OT, WITH the employer paying their share of the taxes and WITH unemployment eligibility.............

Sure glad I have that JD

And I know what you are thinking "I could do that job", but no, no you cant. Not unless you started as a paralegal and then went JD. Legally sure you could, but in REALITY employers don't hire JDs for that. Trust me, ask around.



01/29/2017 9:42 AM
Author: the myth of your own shingle [21813]
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You tried "hanging your own shingle" yet?

SPOILER: It doesn't actually work. Oh sure you'll (if you do everything right-and odds are you wont even do that FYI) keep the lights turned on and still afford to eat (if you get on EBT from Uncle Sam) but if you don't plan to sleep on the couch at work you'll be homeless. And if you try to run it out of your actual apt...........the clients you go will be the ones that "pay" in non money methods (plenty of drugs and STD's but nothing you can buy a decent used car with)


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