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Critical pass flashcards discount link
Last Post 06/30/2019 8:21 AM by Futurelawyer2
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06/23/2019 2:19 PM
Author: Future pass [21813]
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Many people have been asking me to share with them as to how to use the critical pass MBE flashcards.

Here is my advice:

1.) focus on your bar exam program. Try to stick to their study plan to the best that you can. That means watch lectures, take practice tests, and read whatever outlines were provided.
2.) Use the critical pass MBE flashcards in between study sessions such as when you are on a short break or going on a quick errand. Each pile - or subject - takes initially 30 minutes to read through, but as you get more and more familiar it will take less and less time to get through a pile. I would recommend getting through each pile of cards, at least 6-10 times before the actual bar exam. These cards will make studying much easier and less stressful as they did help me pass the recent bar exam. Importantly, the critical pass flashcards will ultimately boost and improve your score no matter what the end result is so do yourself a favor and pass the first time around." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">


06/30/2019 8:21 AM
Author: Futurelawyer2 [21813]
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I never used the app and passed the bar this past February using them. I'll tell you what I did which worked so well. As an initial matter, I am not a great test taker nor did I learn the 1L material. I went to a decent school though.

I officially had the barbri course but only finished about 50% , as the program was wasting lots of my time and was not sinking in. So, i bought the critical pass mbe flashcards and used them only coffee breaks, walks, errands and during my other random down times. I did each pile slowly and carefully about a total of 10x times each.

I would advise you to read them enough to feel like you are going to sleep with the elements in your dreams. Dont forget - the bar tests your memory so flashcards are great for imprinting the items into your head.

10% off critical pass mbe flashcards discount below.


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