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Name the hardest topic per course tested on a bar exam.
Last Post 04/14/2021 8:40 AM by NONE
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04/09/2021 1:21 PM
Author: STUDY PERSON [21813]
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Name the hardest topic per course tested on a bar exam.

Business Associations
- Keeping all the Rules straight Between Types
- Variety of Agency issues (e.g., Sub Agent)

Civil Procedure
- Joinder of parties, Joinder of Claims especially when diversity of citizenship in Subject Matter Jurisdiction involved

Community Property
- ?

Constitutional Law
- Adequate and Independent State Grounds
- 10th and 11th Amendment

- Battle of the Forms
- Legal Synonyms: Is it Anticipatory Repudiation? Is it x or y? (Modification or Accord and Satisfaction).

Criminal Law
- Accomplice liability and Co-Conspirator Liability

Criminal Procedure
- Jury Trial Rights

- Hearsay
- Character Evidence

Professional Responsibility
- ABA/State Specific Differences
- Cluster: Conflicts of Interest, Mandatory versus Permissive Withdrawal, Reasonable Fee

Real Property
- Rule Against Perpetuities
- Future Interests
- Present Interests
- Running with the Land Rules (Real Covenant, Equitable Servitude, Easement)
- Subjacent Support
- Water Rights (Variety)

- ?

- ?

- ?

Wills and Succession
- ?


04/14/2021 8:40 AM
Author: NONE [21813]
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The bar exam is dead. Thank you COVID.

Plus they say that its "racist" for weeding out cooley people now too, so stop being racist dude.


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